They log in to the biometric and forget the password recovery methods?

  1. I forgot because I created an account by recognizing my smartphone biometric and didn’t use a password.
  2. Ask if I can find the password after logging in with biometric authentication.
  3. I forgot the seed phrase. Only biometric login is possible.
  4. Biometric login asking for password
    I know it hasn’t been solved here either.
  5. Is it still impossible to modify the password with biometric login in MetaMask?
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Hello @enigma, welcome to MetaMask community!

In order to change your password, you need to know your old password. Biometric verification is just an added security feature.

You can see your SRP inside MetaMask, but only if you can access the settings menu. Try to see if this article can help with your issue, although it also requires for you to know the password you used on the respective device.


Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately, it is not being solved because it is Android.

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***Note: Vault recovery on Android mobile devices is not currently possible.
You can continue to pay attention to the updates of the forum content. At the same time, before there is a feasible solution, do not perform any operation on the MetaMask in your mobile phone. Wait until there is a solution before proceeding further. Be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

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