They want my private key

Hi. I bought some digitoads tokens.
Now I would have to connect to the dapp to accept the authentication.
They want me to use my private key. I do not dare.
The site is integrated chain solutions .com. Is it safe or will I lose everything?
I got this message from digitoads on X:

As an admin and CEO of this platform we do not have any backdoor system where customer wallet can be spied on because this process is an end- to-end encrypted procedure. Your privacy and safety is our utmost priority. You are submitting this information to an Artificial Intelligence bot with zero human interference.

Your ticket number is
(…-…), please keep this safe as we proceed if any administrator can’t provide this for you, they definitely not one of us. Block and delete the message immediately.

Hello @koresa,

It is definitely a scam.

NEVER share your private keys and Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone. NEVER enter them on any site.


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