Token com contrato null

Oi, eu achei esse endereco em view explorer scan 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
clicnado em contrato mostra esse valor

Screenshot from 2024-01-31 21-14-25

acho que tem muito token spam no contrato

Esse valor no contrato e de quem?

hi @Omiglobil ,welcome to MetaMask community.

As you can see, the all-zero address is Ethereum’s black hole address. You can send tokens or nfts to this address to destroy them.

Como você pode ver, o endereço zero é o endereço do buraco negro do Ethereum. Você pode enviar tokens ou NFTs para este endereço para destruí-los.


Eu estou minerando e jogando fora os tokens?
Como faco pra endereca?
Pelo que vi o contrato 0x3c8B650257cFb5f272f799F5e2b4e65093a11a05, eu adicionei web3
Me explica como faco pra adicionar o que eu estou minerando nesse endereco 0x804A5b829D631ABB878Fdb4AA568374BF46f3b13

Desculpe, nĂŁo sei ler portuguĂŞs. Espere que outros amigos o ajudem.

Sorry I can’t read Portuguese, wait for other friends to help you. :smile:
or contact the support team as folows.

  • Visit :
  • Click the large blue “start a conversation” bubble in the upper middle of page, looks like this:

  • This will connect you to a bot at first, answer some questions and it will open a ticket for you with an agent.

Remember - NOBODY, including from support, will ask for your secret recovery phrase or for you to input it onto any website for confirmation.


how to make address my contract in my wallet?
how to make see the cryto what i am mining?

Please check if this article is for you


thanks, i am used o token buildbear


Is there a way to confirm transactions?

Yes on the block explorer, depending on which network you are on. See here on our Knowledge Base: