token SLP stuck in metamask

Hi, my name is Luciano Souza
[removed for safety]
I have 1178 SLP stuck in metamask
I press the button on 1178 SLP
After I press send, the I put the Binance Adress
So The button Next not able when I put any amount
with that i can’t finish the transfer.

Hi there @lucianohky Are these funds on the BSC network?
If so, you will need BNB for gas-transaction fees when interacting with these funds.

Hi i have the same problem :frowning: trying to withdraw for 12hrs already

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I can’t transfer USDT from MTM to Binance even I have BNB for gas’s fee.
Next bottom keep blank once I manual add USDT volume.

BNB and USDT can received but can’t transfer back.:weary::weary:

BEP20 (BSC) as I want to send back

Thank you
The issue happen with BNB as the same trouble.
Can received both tokens(USDT and BNB) but can’t sent to Binance.

Please advise step to solve trouble.