Tokens not showing value

hi everyone. so i read thru what posts are available on this topic and nothing is helping. usdt and usdc (possibly others) are not showing values in metamask. either on ether mainet nor on polygon. i have custom added the two and still nothing. once in a while, i will get the yellow (i) that says "we are having trouble loading … " and gives me a link to view my balance. but then that goes away and still ZERO balance. my extension, browser etc… seem up to date. i have cleared my PC and restarted etc… all the elementary troubleshooting things and it’s not working. this has been going on for a while now. i don’t know what to do anymore. any thoughts will be appreciated.

i used the custom addresses found on etherscan to add the tokens. if that’s not correct, perhaps that’s my issue. if someone can direct me to where i should go to find the correct custom addresses of usdt and usdc it would be appreciated and i can double check that. (i would assume they are the same for both eth mainet and polygon? … not 100% technical and good at this stuff. just doing my best lol).

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thank you lots. i appreciate it.