Topic closed and unlisted?

Why was my topic closed and unlisted? The issue is still there, and I wanted to update the post as the investigation continues… And the post should be available for others to comment who may have run into the same problem…

For the user’s security, when a post includes information on hacked wallets, it will be unlisted.
Please refer to the post Tuya shared and follow the instructions given on the post and report it to the support team.


As @Maryam stated topics are unlisted when it is about compromised/hacked wallets for the safety of our community, because this forum is public and sharing that your wallet has been compromised makes you a much more susceptible target to scammers. It is also closed to encourage you to not share more information or communicate further about your situation on the forum but instead with a support team member at, where conversations are private and 1 on 1.

If you would like to share an update after you have finished speaking with a support team member and provide more helpful information for other community members that run into the same problem you can create a new topic here, but please remember not to share any personal information.


Hi @user2260 -

Please do not spam the same response in multiple threads. To share in this thread a response to your post -

MetaMask is a self-custodial (also commonly referred to as non-custodial) cryptocurrency and token wallet. It gives you complete control of your access keys and therefore your assets.

‘Self-custodial’ refers to the fact that it’s you (‘self’) who holds your wallet’s private key(s). A self-custodial wallet eliminates the third party between you and your crypto-assets, which is more suitable for some people.

If interested, you can read more here:

Security is at the core of our development. Our libraries have been audited by security experts and independent researchers. We also have a bug bounty program open to anyone, Read more about both of these topics here (includes audit reports): Security Bug Bounties | MetaMask

MetaMask, and most of our tools, are open source and regularly reviews - (MetaMask · GitHub),

It’s crucial to educate yourself about safe crypto practices. Always be cautious about the contracts you interact with and the approvals you give. Remember, transactions on the blockchain are irreversible. Never input your secret recovery phrase anywhere online (including in pop-ups that may look legit but are not), and never share it with anyone (not even support). Your recovery phrase is the key to your funds and should be kept private at all times.

For an extra layer of security, consider using a hardware wallet with MetaMask. This keeps your private keys offline and even more secure. More info on this hear:

MetaMask cares deeply about the safety of its users, it is a top priority. Along with above, when completing a transaction, remember to review the information and alerts popping up. These contain valuable information for you to review to understand what you are interacting with. We also have 24/7 Help Desk live support in case there are ever questions that you may have.

Self custodial means you are in control and that comes with responsibilities. Stay safe!

Check out these articles to dive deeper into security and safety:


I mean, the language used I am not a fan of, buuuut, you do have a valid point.
I lost all my Crypto to a “signature” attack/exploit, giving the hacker full access to all my funds… MetaMask should NOT ever allow the unlimitedSpending feature, or any transfers not directly permitted by the wallet owner.

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