Trandsaction failed - Min return not reached

Hello, I was swapping eth to Akita and the eth was spent, but the Akita didn’t appear in my account. When checking the transaction on Etherscan I see it failed with the error message “Min return not reached” Was trying to find out what that means, but no luck. I will be happy for any suggestions how to fix this. Thank you very much.

i had the same problem this morning, i looked everywhere no results,
i send a request issue to ethetscan and metamask support.

Still waiting for the answer .

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Same here, just swap on uniswap eth for akita… put contract on meta and didns show… there is anyone who nows what happend?

Same thing happened to me yesterday. Does anyone have any answers to this yet?

Open ticket with support and they will fix that. Thats how I solved it.