Transaction did not come trough!

sended 0.0169 eth to kraken. But it didnt come trough even tho it says it did! I already waited 20 hours and it still isnt there:( can u guys return the eth to my metamask account? my transaction id is 0x41d54065805f002041640acb66cea8b7706f254952c2037a5ee45273b1109a65

Just help me please out off this because these eth mean allot to me at the moment.


What network did you use for the transfer? :face_with_monocle: etherscan page does not display any info.


I used Rinkeby test netwerk.


@Durpie these ETH in Rinkeby testnet network have no value :slightly_smiling_face: their price is 0$
Rinkeby Faucet:

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This network is for testing only and the money on this network is “test-money” with 0 value. Did you sell something and a person paid you on the Rinkeby test network ?

Ja ik heb iets verkocht godverdomme

I’m sorry to hear that, but a scammer paid you with money that does not exist. All money on the test-Networks are just for testing and if someone in the future want to pay you using a test-network, then it is a scammer.

Here are some test-networks

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Dus hier heb ik niks aan?

Oh damn:/ im fucking stupid

Don’t say that, but I know what you mean. There is a lot of traps in crypto where scammers are trying to scam people all the time. You really have to be careful with crypto and if someone contact you in private DM anywhere on the internet, then be really really careful of what you do.


So u can’t do anything with this?

No, I’m really sorry, it’s “fake” money that only exist on the test-network. These money are used to test stuff before deploying to the real network

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Hello BlueSpaceBike,

I have an issue with an transaction from my second account to my first account.
How long can the transaction take. Why can’t it be that I can not see/have got the amount of coins yet on my first account?

Thanks for your answer.

Hello, what are the specific problems in your transaction? Has it been stopped in the transaction and can’t be completed?


I don’t know exactly. I just send my 380 CRO from account 2 to account 1.

On the account 2 I get this:





-381.895 CRO

Gaslimit (Einheiten)


Verwendetes Gas (Einheiten)







Transaktion mit einem Wert von 381.895 CRO bei 10:46 on 5/4/2022 erstellt.

Transaktion bei 10:46 on 5/4/2022 bestätigt.

Transaktion mit einer Gasgebühr von 0.105 ETH bei 10:46 on 5/4/2022 übermittelt.

However, the 380 CRO are not on my account 1 …

Sorry. I don’t know what the problem is. I just send 380 CRO form account 2 to account 1 and the amount is nowhere now …

Can you provide one of your addresses? Let me check it for you

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Actually something strange happened - or something strange to me :slightly_smiling_face:

The CRO was transfered to my account on the app … So everything is fine. Thank you for your quick replay :smiley:


Maybe it’s just a delay. If there’s no problem, I wish you a fast life. :sweat_smile:

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