Transaction failed, but took all bnb + gas

I tried to buy FINE token for 0.036 BNB, transaction failed but the failed transaction took all the currency in trade…0.036 BNB + gas…i don’t have no FINE no BNB…

The same thing happened to me. I had two transactions fail and twice had .1 BNB taken. Then I did receive one success transaction and those tokens showed up in my metamask walleet. But I’m still out .1 BNB from these transactions. All were for the FINE token on PancakeSwap.

I don’t know if thats FINE tokens problem, or the Pancakeswap V2 shitshow problem, but that is bullshit…i can’t even open the transaction…it’s not openable. Since I used metamask, I think they should find out what happened.