Transaction in Snowtrace successful, missing token

I made an USDC transaction but the tokens are not showing in my Metamask wallet. The transaction was made through the Avalanche Netwrok and I have enabeld both the network and token in my Metamask wallet, but the tokens are still missing.
Tx ID: 0x44487cfa6c997a28b3c43cb098c2830727e75969e083be62971d0780feb89d4a

Can someone help me here please? Did I do anything wrong?

How long ago did you do the transaction ?

When I look up the Tx ID on the Avalanche network website, it seems to be 72 days old and you did a transfer of 63 USDC. Is that correct ?

I did it a couple of months back. The date and amount is correct. I thought they were lost but after seeing the Tx ID today I thought there might be a chance

I’m not an expert on transactions, but looking at this screenshot in the bottom right, it seems that you did transfer 63 USDC to your Metamask account, but later the same day you or some other took out the the 63 USDC to an account starting with 0x16ec…


@DemonAlo did you confirm this transaction of USDC out of your wallet?

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