Transaction ronin to metamask

I try to make a transaction from ronin to metamask and it failed, but the funds used to the fee didn´t return back
I need help please.

Can you share the txhash to check ?

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0xad74a0700b3d96673f4529d88e18c7e5cb0c3d4459c089e6c0c670cf22823d97 and 0xcc3c35e0476e689f00407554e51e1e7580a28c900a691bea88d6d7ea8b9f6051

Shows empty wallet. Reason for failing.

but I got funds but I spend it on the transaction failed and them dont take back to me

do u know what can I do ?

I think you’ll have to put some ETH in your wallet

I just already done that

and metamask take me out, for the gas transaction