Ronin wallet to metamask failed, ETH gone

Hey everyone,
I just recently tried to send my ETH from my axie ronin wallet to my metamask. I used the ronin bridge and connected it to my metamask account. I had enough money to cover the gas fee. I hit confirm and everything seemed ok, however the transaction eventually failed and it said that it reverted. After this I checked both the metamask account and my ronin wallet and the ETH that i sent was completely gone. I tried to uninstall and reinstall ronin extension with no success. I also tried it in firefox instead of chrome which did not work. Just hoping to find my lost ETH that seemed to disappear. Thank you everyone! Here is the transaction hash if it helps. 0x6f76943b97000e86f9602c146cb2005c94ddf3d9b677a5b1572a06e96cc64510