Transaction succeded but tokens not converted

Hi ! Pls help​:pray::pray:Can u pks tell me why this transaction is indicating it succeeded , i paid gas but tokens weren’t converted. Here is the transaction hash on etherscan 0xbedabad4a83cfec84c95b8d77d0c6d620af133482a5c961293fa5ae1059c4cee

Hey @Metou, it looks like your tokens were sent to the SAITAMA token contract address, rather than your own address.

Please make sure you are interacting with a legitimate token.

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Are u implying saitama is not legit? I was trying to convert saitama to another token. Mayb this explains why the number of saitama increased?!

The number of SAITAMA may have increased because it may be a rebase token, meaning the supply changes.

Here is some more info on our Knowledge Base: