Transfer a wrong address

I transfer an SLP to the wrong ID. I forgot to change “ronin:” instead of “0x” and it’s send to another account. I just confirm the transaction a few minutes ago.

My ronin id is : ronin:410dbf3fc9dc2faadf01989aa6a2115b51954b9b
My metamask id : 0x216Cbdda345B564adbB6DFaC5664C8c94110785f
Address that I sent to : 0x250b2200a95dfc71da7f851ecf47a2e3f02c5090
Here is transaction Hash : 0x924ece481dd9ea3a080952ba662881c2f21ef2359cc9f000dee8a228c8f56d75

Please help Metamask, and i’m sorry for being silly.