I transfer wrong Address

I transfer my Eth Metamask to my Ronin Wallet but I transfer with only the send thing, i didn’t use the Ronin Bridge. So before i sent it i remove the “ronin:” infront for my ronin address because it says recipent address unable. So, I sent it in the same address as my ronin address but in metamask wallet. It receives in etherscan and it’s not weth, it’s eth on other account that i’ve sent.

My Ronin Wallet Address: ronin:3aca6513ebfcb9119a05354cd7850b911660480f
Where I sent my Metamask Assets: 0x3aca6513ebfcb9119a05354cd7850b911660480f
Transaction Hash on Etherscan: 0xcd9ebe587414a6b6eb1487884bcd9c1b5e188f65baae61117e7fdb0d0ca1f6bc

Please Metamask Help me… :frowning:

Hi @kurainekoph Never mind :smiley: check :point_down: my gif picture.

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