Transfer from Binance to Metamask Avalanche C-Chain

Hi, I transfer some USDT from Binance to Metamask Avalanche C-Chain and got an issue.

  1. I add Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain to Metamask, then add USDT. (shown as USDT.e). – follow the guide https://

  2. I transferred some USDT from binance to this metamask c-chain.
    * binance shows success And
    * I can see the transaction in by searching my address .-- it shows “ERC20 TOken Txns”, but Metamask do NOT shows the balance.

from “account details”, “view account details on”, I can see the transaction on opened link. but Metamask cannot retrieve the balance.

Any idea, how could I get this money ? or How can I send this money back to binance ?

Please help. thank you in advance.

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Hello, are you the usdt of eth chain transferred from binance? If so, you need to switch to the ETH chain in metamask and add the ETH chain contract address of usdt in metamask so that you can see your usdt. At the same time, you need to deposit some eth in the ETH chain as the fuel for transfer before you can transfer your usdt back to binance Tip: transfer can only be made in the same chain. If you need to transfer the assets of the ETH chain to the avax chain, you need to use the cross chain tool.

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Thank you for reply. the issue is I cannot see the USDT in MetaMask.

  • checked ETH mainnet, assert USDT – no there.
  • checked AVAX C-chain, assert USDT.e – no there.
  • only place shows it is , it shows “ERC20 TOken Txns” by searching my address .

Is that possible to send it back without seeing it?

Hello @BBCC, welcome to MetaMask community!

This is the contract address for USDT for the AVAX network: 0xc7198437980c041c805a1edcba50c1ce5db95118

Make sure you have added the correct one to be able to see your tokens. I took the contract address from CoinGecko.
If that still doesn’t help you, please read and follow this article:

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Thank you. issue resolved after speaking to agent.

The issue is, when do transfer, it’s to contact 0x9702230a8ea53601f5cd2dc00fdbc13d4df4a8c7

add this contact, metamask shows USDT and shows correct balance.

when adding 0xc7198437980c041c805a1edcba50c1ce5db95118, it shows USDT.e

Not sure if this is an issue or not.

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