Send coin via AVAX

Hi everyone,
i was trying to send some USDT to my exchange from MetaMask. By accident i took the avalanche network. Can someone tell me how to retrieve them? A step by step instruction would be really helpful.

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Hello @schura !
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In which chain did you want to transfer tokens?
Does your exchange support funding this token through Avalanche ?


Hi and thank you. I am using Bitpanda_com and they are supported.


For which chain did you choose the deposit address for this exchange?
Check if it matches the deposit address in the Avalanche chain.

I show on the example of the exchange that I use.
Here, the address for the deposit in the Ethereum Mainnet and Avalance networks is the same:


This was the transaction. The “to” is my address on my exchange. So it should be ERC20 image

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Check if both deposit addresses in the Avalanche and ERC20 chains match the address 0xdab…
You should contact the support service on the exchange side.
Because if the transaction is fixed in the blockchain, it can no longer recalled.


Yes i am already in close contact with support and they are checking this case.

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