Transfer good, wallet has zero balance

Sent a few transfers from hardware wallet and Coinbase to Metamask. The transfers were successful and verified at etherscan it shows up “received” in metamask but balance remains zero and I cannot do any swaps at UNISWAP. I do not see how to add a ETH token. What am I missing ?

Any suggestions ? I was able to swap at uniswap with Portis wallet with no problem.


Hi Ronaldjay try this :point_down:


It worked !

Thank you very much!!!


Luigi - you seem very knowledgeable. Can you please help this noob? I have the receipts that show a successful transfer to metamask, but the $LINK never arrived. Thank you.

Hi @66MAEDRMS66 you have entered the correct ETH MetaMask address?

You can see the transaction token here: