Transfer husd from huobi to metamask and lost

Need advice and help. Actually, normal transfered 238 husd from my Huobi Wallet (Heco type) to my MetaMask Wallet (Ethereum network). The money is lost. I added Heco network in my MetaMask Wallet. But I failed to find the missing 238 Husd in MetaMask Wallet. Anyone can help me out? Thanks.

TxID: 0x246e133c2ee9e5d5ce0a83457a43ee88e37d602840380c1fa2a3de93b7cef5cf

Withdrawal address :


Hey @petro78, welcome to the MetaMask Community! :fox_face:

Please make sure you have correctly imported HUSD into your wallet on HECO network.

If you have done so and the issue still persists, please follow these steps in our Knowledge Base, the same concepts apply to HECO: