Transfering ATOM from MetaMask to Cosmos wallet

Currently, Cosmos tokens such as ATOM can be transferred between exchanges and MetaMask, but not directly from MetaMask to a Cosmos wallet such as Keplr.
I would like to develop a feature that allows direct Cosmos tokens transfers between wallets.

Are you a developer? Have you heard about the MetaMask Grants DAO?

is an employee-led DAO with the mission of funding the development of high-value projects in the MetaMask ecosystem through a grants program. We seek to support developers across the community to be able to nimbly build on top of the MetaMask ecosystem, while empowering employees to embrace Web3 mechanisms and contribute as “One ConsenSys”.

There is already one project with the Cosmos ecosystem in the list of grants:

MetaMask and Agoric would like to continue their collaboration on a next generation extensible, multichain wallet. The technology used in developing this nextgen wallet is built on open source technology invented and refined over many years by the Agoric team.


Thanks for the reply. I didn’t know about Agoric. If the project is already underway, I will wait in anticipation.

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