Transferred funds from Coinbase to Metamask not showing up

Hello Everyone!

Sent 0.0421 ETH from my Coinbase to my MetaMask, but the funds doesn’t show up in my wallet.
I’m finding the transaction under Internal transactions on Etherscan, but somehow the funds aren’t on my wallet.

This is the Txn hash: 0xb8a8a6beb26881ea3840a6655f2d0c2ee3d17c0d3d99e264cad9adb98b47d673

Anyone know what happened here?

Thanks for replying!

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Hello @RawKuz , welcome to MetaMask community!

Check what happened with the ETH on your wallet. They should be in there. Try switching between networks in your wallet a few times. You should have it there and it should show.

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Thank you for the quick reply. After reviewing the transaction, it seems the gas prices were a lot higher than what Coinbase said when I initiated the transfer. Also, because it was handeled like an internal transaction, the transaction didnt show up in MetaMask, but the funds were transferred.

Thanks for clearing this up.


Currently, MetaMask does not show internal transactions in your transaction activity or history, only standard transactions between addresses.


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