Etherscan says transfer was successful but

Hi Folks
I cut and pasted addresses from Coinbase Wallet to Metamask to transfer crypto. Etherscan said it was successful but transaction doesn’t show up in MetaMask. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What coin was it and do you have the token (the icon under Assets) in your wallet ?


Hi Bluespace
It’s an altcoin(somewhat well established) Yes the icon is in my wallet because I already had some of the coin in Metamask. I was just adding more from coinbase wallet.

If you have not checked it, you could add your address to etherscan(.)io or bscscan(.)com to see if the money went to your address or maybe somewhere else.

Update - Sorry, did not see that you already have tried this.


Hey @shadecat5000, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Would you be able to send a transaction hash? That would provide more helpful information


Can I send this to you privately Nakedwinnie

Sure thing, for the safety and security of users, there are no personal messages allowed on the forum, but you are able to reply back to messages the staff send you.

Just sent you a message.