Trouble to find my AXS send from Binance to Metamesk using Binance Smart Chain

I’m not finding my AX,S send from Binance to Metamesk using Binance Smart Chain.

How can i finded and restore my AXS?

You need to add the smart chain network on your MetaMask

I already did this, bur the AXS are still missing.

I’m thinking its because i used the Binance Smart Chain Network, instead the Main Net Ethereum .

Do you know how i can fix that?

Thank’s a lot

Can you share the transaction hash to check ?

I have the same problem, can you help me about it? Here is the hash


I have the same problem, did it resolve for you guys? Just sent axs through smart chain

same problem. pls help. hash below

Hello all.
Please ensure you have BSC set up on MetaMask and added AXS as a custom token on MetaMask.

guys… solved.

BSC AXIS Contract address is

What you get from coingecko is the ERC20 addresss

How difficult is to make this clear?

I found it on twitter. now my AXS show in Metamask