Problems with my AXS transaction from Binance to Metamask

I sent 12 tokens from binance to metamask through the BEP20 network and the order came from binance but they never reached my metamask wallet. the order is this.

I sent it to my own metamask account which is: 0x7f4E465ab74c7628f1DeA078AeAeCA6045a3F3D9
Do you know what I can do?

I just looked in that account and it looks like the 12.096 AXS did arrive in that account: Binance-Pegged Axie Infinity Shard (AXS) Token Tracker | BscScan

Just because you cannot see a token in Metamask doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You need to add some tokens manually to see them. My first reaction is to look at my wallet address in the block explorer or on a portfolio-viewer like or

If I look at zerion and it appears the 12 axs but not in my metamask wallet, even if I add the token it appears at 0, how can I recover it?

are you adding the correct AXS? There are a few different contracts for AXS.

There is nothing to “recover” - the 12.096 AXS are in your wallet.

same issue for me on this 0x9ae8C4cd6975C190DC17D3369Ee07FDce10d3770,txid is 0x67b178a5d3e9cc223dea3e9cc750c3137f26754f9b1ded90fd2948ffaf61e445 thank you