Binance to metamask problem please read

June 30, 2021 around 8pm I withdrawn SLP & AXS from binance to MetaMask, 10pm the status in binance was completed.

around 9pm only that I realize that there is no custom token of SLP and AXS in my MetaMask so I added the tokens.

July 1, 2021 10am still haven’t received SLP & AXS.

Is it because I was late in putting custom coins? I tried tracking my MetaMask in BSC and no transaction showing.

Please help.


Adding them as custom tokens should impact it.
There’re a couple things you can do to check.
Are you able to see these token under your wallet address on a block explorer such as ?
Is your MetaMask set up with BSC RPC?
Are you using the correct token contract addresses from the BSC network?

I tried searching at bsbscan but nothing appears it says 0 bnb

I just set up BSC RPC upon reading some threads

Yes I copied correct token contract addresses

Lets take a deeper look, please open a support ticket here with necessary info
Be aware of scammers and not share your seed phrase-secret recovery phrase.

Thanks. I already submitted a request.

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where can I see if there’s a reply on my request TIA

It would come on your email.

hello. I already got a reply but they only send links which I already read. so sad.

I already got my slp to metamask thanks.

Same problem here, what was your solution?

Support team helped me. Thanks for your time! =D

Hi there how do i contact the support team for the same issue?

Hola, queria enviar desde binance hasta metamask mis criptomonedas, las agregué en mi metamask y copie mi direccion de wallet y la puse en binance
al cabo de 10min veo que se completo la transaccion y cuando lo miro, todavia no tenia nada en mi metamask
cuando veo la transaccion en binance me doy cuenta de que se envio a otra direccion que no era la mia
y no se que hacer

I tried searching but nothing appears

Hola Ruben, acabo de tener el mismo problema. ¿Lo solucionaste?