Transferred SLP and AXS from Binance to Metamask

Hi, I need urgent assistance. I transferred SLP from Binance to Metamask using ERC20 as Network, it was successful at Binance’s end. However, I realized that I haven’t added the custom token of SLP on Metamask, so I only added the token after the transaction but it has not reached my account. So I tried transferring another one since I already added the token hoping that both transactions will be sent out correctly, but still not reflected on my account. Please help! Thanks…

Hello, the issue is still not resolved yet. Please assist.

My issue has been resolved. For anyone who has encountered the same issue, go to coingecko and search for the token you need, in my case SLP and AXS. Then look for the contract address, beside it you will see the Metamask logo, click on it to “Add to Metamask”. Easy as that. The Metamask support hasn’t replied to me yet. Had to find a way on my own. Thanks and good luck guys!

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Well done. Meta Mask support unfortunately are not very supportive nor very effective in my experience.