Moving Tokens from Binance to Metamask

Recently I sent tokens from my Binance account to my Metamask wallet. I have not seen any of the transactions and they are not showing up in my metamask wallet. I did not have any eth in the wallet. Would this have prevented the transaction? Binance let me know that the transactions went through:

Where are the tokens?
Did the absence of ETH prevent the transfer?
How do I recover the tokens into metmask?

Two of the tokens I sent were COTI and RAMP


Please search binance topics in the forum.

  1. BSC RPC needs to be set up on MetaMask
  2. add any custom tokens.

Thank you for responding. What is BSC RPC?

The transactions are complete. It shows my metamask location address and the TxID.

It’s the custom network. It will need to be set up on your MetaMask.

Okay. Once that is set up will I see my tokens or will I have to manually add them

you need to add any tokens besides BNB as custom tokens

Where do I find the token decimal information?

Obviously, I am not doing something correctly. I have all of the etherscan information: contracts, decimals, etc. I have followed the directions to manually set up BSC in the Metamask wallet. I have input all of the data to add a custom token and TVK still shows zero when I try to add custom token.

I recommend opening a support ticket via the support link on the MetaMask app or extension with your wallet’s public address.

Sorry to intrude, but i’ve already added the funds that i transfered from Binance as Custom Tokens, they are specifically ETH, i still do not see them in my MetaMask account. What should i do?