Transfer money from Binans to Metamask wallet

Hello! From the binance I transferred Matik to the Metamask purse, but it so happened that for some reason the money did not reach my purse in the metamask. The binance in the transaction indicated that the transaction was successful. I chose the translation network Poligon

Scammer alert !!

Have you added the token to your Metamask wallet ? If you have not, then you will not be able to see your money, but they will still be there


Go to your BSCSCAN “Transaction Details Page” and go to the “Interacted With” Area. Copy the contract # in there and then go to your Metamask wallet. Go into the Smart Chain Network and go to “import token”. Paste the copied contract # into the “Contract Token Adress” and then “Add Custom Token”. You should see the tokens appear, at least it did for me.

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