Hello, i transferred tokens from matamask to binance

hello, i transferred Bnb polygon from matamask to my account binance. The transaction appears successfully in bssscan but in binance my account is not credited. Help me please

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Hey @Zakaria1, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Did you transfer it on Polygon or BSC? If it shows successful on bscscan it means that the transaction was done on BSC. Make sure you have deposited to the right address on the right network on Binance.


Hello and thank you for answering i swap matic to bnb from metamask polygon and i send it bnb to my account binance without making a bridge sorry for my English and thanks in advance

If the BNB was sent on Polygon, please make sure you deposited to the Binance address on Polygon network. If it was sent to the wrong network address, unfortunately, your tokens have been sent to the wrong network and cannot be retrieved. If this is the case, I would contact the Binance team to see if there is anything they can do for you.

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Yes i think i sending in the wrong adresse , Thank you for your efforts to solve other people’s problems

Transaction Hash 0xfd315e3b944d8fbf4d79d4d0277b6c038e29b2d8ac70cdca26b37f84f32c4a5e


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