Trying to send a custom


First of all, it won’t let me pick any category other than developer, so sorry for this. I tried changing it, moving title, going a search for support, etc but it doesn’t work.

I’m trying to figure out how I can send custom interaction with contract using Metamask.

I am trying to approve a token spend on before it goes live so I’ll be ready but their website won’t allow it by default. I know there must be some way, as I saw some TX getting the approval and using the exact same input data as is used by this website to approve other tokens.

I can’t post screenshot but any other approve for another live token looks exactly the same as the one from the contract I’m trying to approve.

And the tx I am trying to copy is the following : https ://cronoscan. com/tx/0x20c539aa4dfa779a9c63bc96878ead96975c584e154ce9e7d26e598b28f4e8f6

Any idea?

Many thanks!

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