Tx dropped and submitted

Hello. Facing a bit of a desperate situation here. I have bought AIOZ yesterday on Uniswap in Metamask and they show up in the wallet but they can’t we swapped.

Looked in the transaction (which Metamask list as submitted) and it says status : dropped on Ethers an. I still see the coins in the wallet and I still have been charged my ETH. Any help welcome! What can be done? Thanks. !


I can’t also cancel even though I have sufficient ETH (it says I don’t).

Welcome to the MetaMask Community @Nalioutz!! :fox_face: :rocket:

Apologies for the trouble with your swap.

Often if a transaction is dropped, it will be replaced with a new txid. You should see it on etherscan.io when you search for the old txid.

If this is not the case and the tx has been cancelled, please create a support ticket so we can assist you with investigating further. Please be sure to include your public address and txid.