Tx Reverted sendTransaction with purchase method

I have a transaction with a method.purchase(). But the tx has been reverted.

This is my tx in sepolia.etherscan tx/0x13575e79b12f3110d7df1d9597595c606a2c3c180d17bf98545db45fb61a6e0f.

And this is my code:
/* After estimate the gas I do this */

const weiValue = web3.utils.toWei(res.amount.toString(), "ether");
 const bnNumber = web3.utils.toBN(weiValue);

          from: res["user-address"],
          to: res["contract-address-trader"],
          value: bnNumber,
          gas: gasUsed,
          data: traderContract.methods
            .purchase(res["contract-address"], res["token-id"])

I don’t know why the tx is reverted. Any help here please? I haven’t got almost experience with MetaMask.

Hi I’ve looked at your account looks like you have several reverted transactions, what is this contract contract-address-trader where is it coming from? There are a few things to keep in mind when it reverts: Ethereum Whitepaper | ethereum.org it looks like you have enough gas. Could you show me how are you setting the gas price or are you using default

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