Transaction failed and the value of the item I attempted to purchase was not returned to wallet


I’ve reached out to Metamask support regarding this issue (ticket #745054) and have yet to receive a reply, so I’m hoping that submitting my inquiry through this forum will help to speed things up.

10 days ago, I attempted to purchase an NFT on OpenSea. The transaction failed and I did not receive the NFT. Despite this, I was charged for the full value of the NFT (0.24 Ether). Even though Etherscan shows that the amount was cancelled, it was taken from my wallet and has not been returned. I understand that gas fees cannot be refunded, but I’d like to get a refund on the value of the item I attempted to purchase as it’s a pretty significant amount of money.

The transaction hash is 0xc1642e86166416c2042f0c8461cdf32faf359f3e12b62baeca077b25f6ab9fea.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Eva @nfteva0

This transaction is Fail

But the next transaction is Success

Check your NFTs here :point_down:


Unfortunately this isn’t of any help. I’m aware the next transaction was successful; I attempted to purchase a different NFT and it went through. What I’m asking is why I never got a refund for the transaction that was cancelled by OpenSea.

ok @nfteva0 let’s look at it :face_with_monocle:

At the beginning you had 0.4679236 ETH :point_up_2: and used 0.426714 ETH

0.4679236 - 0.426714 = 0.0412096 ETH

Your balance :point_down:

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