Canceled Transaction Not Refunded To Me


Transaction stuck, cancelled it and the refund is not reflected in my account.

My public address:

Cancelation transaction hash:

Please help.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear that your transaction has failed @beatofse, and unfortunately fees are not refunded for failed transactions.

You can read more about this in our article on the Knowledge Base here:

Hello @nakedwinnie
I did a transaction from my metamask to my crypto cars account but my transaction was cancelled and I didn’t get back my refund on my metamask how can I do to be refunded?

my transaction hash is 0x6c57630eac2ea5c55ddffc3cdd337de9363d896e385bdfd697eed8757fa52aa7

Hey @raouly95, are you referring to your CCAR token or your BNB being refunded? Your BNB used to pay for gas fees cannot be refunded:

For your CCAR token, it looks like there was a transfer of your CCAR tokens out of your account to another address.