Missing ETH after cancelling transaction


I waas purchasing an NFT on opensea for .239 ETH. I clicked confrim to purchase and nothing happened. I assumed its because iv been having issues with my mouse. So I clicked confirm on it again and it proceeded with the purchase. I went to my metamask wallet and it was showing two transactions for .239 ETH (that means it registered me pressing confirm on the nft both times). I proceeded to cancel one of the transactions. It shows the transaction cancelled successfully but the funds did not return. I thought it may just take a while to show up. It has been 4 days and im still missing the .239 ETH from the cancelled transaction. I checked the transaction in Etherscan and its showing the “from” and “to” address to be my wallet address but the funds are not back in my wallet.

transaction ID: 0xac7c6f0043818ea714c2c5bafa2e29146f22eecad7c8795f2dc9fa9b82ada725

My public wallet ID: 0x1e7f1a76aaB248A5162048cC14aB52db92E37a4c

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You can only cancel transactions that are currently pending. If the transaction was already successful, it cannot be canceled.


yes the transaction was still pending when I cancelled it. When I check the status it says that it was cancelled sucessfully but the ETH has not been returned to my wallet.

Thank you

I attached the screenshots.

Sorry for my misunderstanding. It does look like you have canceled a pending transaction. If the transaction was canceled, the .239 ETH should have never left your wallet. Tokens only leave your wallet after the transaction is successful.

It does look like there have been a few other transactions of ETH out of your wallet after this transaction was canceled. Maybe this is likely the cause of your ETH balance being lower than you have expected? You can see the correct balance of ETH in your wallet on Etherscan :point_down:

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