Tokens lost on Opensea after transaction fail

Title says it all. I know the fees are going to be lost if the transaction fails but it seems the tokens that would be used to buy the NFT on the marketplace were also lost.

Is there anything I am not seeing?

Here is the transaction:

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Hello @magijoe2 , welcome to metamask community,

Did you cancel the transaction while it was still processing ?

On the blockscan , it shows it was canceled and reverted.

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No I didn’t.

Even if I did though, wouldn’t’ve the transaction been reverted and the funds returned to the wallet?

Or is it possible it was cancelled at an importune time and the funds are stuck in a contract somewhere?

As you said, when you buy NFT, your eth fails due to too little gas paid. Now your 0.9eth has been trapped in the failed contract. You can wait a few more days. If it still fails to arrive, you can contact opensea to deal with it for you, because there is no problem with your transaction itself.

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