Unable to open URL scheme from MetaMask app browser

I am opening the MetaMask app browser directly from https://metamask.app.link/dapp/[my page], but I want to open another app using the URL scheme entered in the website opened in this way. If you do this, a message such as ``This website has been automatically blocked from opening external applications’’ will be displayed, and instead of moving to another app, ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED will be displayed, causing a problem.

Is this a problem with the URL scheme to open MetaMask or the URL scheme on the website?

Hi do you want to use a deeplink, what do you have so far did you use any MetaMask sdk could you show the code how you are connecting the wallet to your dapp?

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We are not currently using the MetaMaskSDK and are attempting to implement MetaMask login using another SDK.
Do I need the MetaMaskSDK to use deep linking in the MetaMask application browser?

The method I am currently trying is built in Unity, but I specify https://metamask.app.link/dapp/[my page] in Application.OpenURL, and in the website I open with it, I specify the app scheme in “href”. OpenURL", and in the website that opens with that, the app scheme is specified with href.

I’m not familiar with this yet, so I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

I see thanks you can try QR code: Unity SDK API | MetaMask developer documentation this is only for mobile at the moment. Would it work for your dapp, please let me know