Unable to swap tokens due to insufficient fund


I am new to metamask. I want to stake token in Hectordao. it requires HEC token in Fantom mainnet. I used spookyswap as DEX to bridge BNB (Smart Chain) >> BNB (Fantom). Now I have BNB token in Fantom mainnet and try to swap it to HEC for staking. At this stage, Metamask pops up for insufficient funds for $0.09 fees. my wallet only has BNB (Fantom) and it is around $50. why it is still insufficient?


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Hey @dilmenyalim, this is because you need FTM on Fantom network to pay for the gas fees.

thank you for the advice @nakedwinnie. from spookyswap, I tried to transfer $1 worth FTM (from BNB in the same mainnet) but metamask said insufficient funds, again. If I transfer extra FTM from binance exchange,I will cost a lot. all this effort for only $0.09

This is because you still need FTM to pay for the gas fees for the swap. You can try using a faucet to send you a small amount of FTM for gas fees, as suggested by SpookySwap :point_down:

If this doesn’t work, I would suggest sending some FTM to your wallet.

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@nakedwinnie thank you very much, it worked! for the next time,I think the best way is to buy FTM in directly binance then, send this FTM to my wallet’s FTM mainnet public address,right? FTM transfer fee is not much. since,I tried to send BSC to my wallet at first,swapping it to HEC was really painful (bridge and swap) and costly. If I can learn using the wallet efficiently,I want to stake more tokens in there. there is also dfx for staking stable coins,too. so,I can split the eggs in different baskets.

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Glad it worked!

The best way to get FTM in your wallet is up to you, but yes, a popular way is to transfer it directly from an exchange like Binance.

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