Swapped matic for FTM says it was a success no FTM

I used MM to swap MATIC for FTM. Says it was succesful but I do not see my FTM any where.
Here is the transaction number.

Im pretty new to all this so probably need to add something but i dont know what. I added the Fantom network and its not there and i added FTM to the Etherum network incase it was there but no luck. Please help

Hey @campe542, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like this swap took place on Polygon, and FTM on Polygon has been successfully transferred to your wallet address. Please make sure you have added FTM on Polygon as a custom token :point_down:

thanks for the response and sorry for my ignorance but how would i do that? I went to coin market cap and i see an address for Etherum network then when i hit more i see BNB smart chain, BNB Beacon chain, Solana, and Celo. But i dont see one for polygon.

i actually figured out how to add the custom token so now it is showing up on the polygon network.
My new question is how do i get it to the fantom network or can i swap it back and start over? I tried swapping on MM and it gave errors when fetching quotes. Maybe i have to wait. Im not sure

Tokens can only be transferred from network to network using a bridge. Swapping your FTM tokens on Polygon will only swap them on Polygon, they will not be transferred to Fantom.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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