Usdt (bep20) to coinbase

Hi there, couse of my small knowledge I did send my usdt to coinbase on bep20 which coinbase doesn’t accept, and besicly now I’m bit lost and don’t know what to do and is there anything I can do ? I did contact binance ( they told me I need to contact coinbase as they are receiver) I contact coinbase ( they told me to contact binance couse transaction it’s on bep20 and they don’t have access to it) is there any possible way to restore my usdt ? Please help :frowning:

Hi buddy! I hade the same problem. When I withdraw my USDT form Binance (exchange/wallet) to Coinbase I accidentally clicked BEP20 (BSC). My Coinbase Wallet doesn’t support this and send me to Binance and Binance send me back to Coinbase.

This is the “standaard not personal” email from Coinbase:

Thanks for emailing as back. We understand the importance of getting your assets back. However, Coinbase is unable to retrieve this cryptocurrency because we don’t currently support the BEP network.

Additionally, the asset that was sent is a Binance pegged token of that asset, not the actual asset itself.

Regretfully, there’s nothing that we can do at this time to recover these funds for you. But, if Coinbase ever decides to add the BEP network to our platform, please reach back out to see if we’re able to credit these funds to your account.

It’s very easy to get it back if you have a private key, but that’s something Coinbase never give you because of the policy they have. So we can only wait for it. I lost 5K USDT :sob: I think Binance is the real devil here btw. It’s to easy to use the wrong network!