USDT on PancakeSwap

Hello, I did swap CAKE/USDT on PancakeSwap. CAKE is gone from my wallet and USDT is no there. In PancakeSwap exchange is visible as balance bun not in Metamask. They recomended contact your support or try Is this proper step? There I have to give my private key or seed.
Thank you for help.

Hi Kopi do not use that page walletsconnect… it’s a SCAM :bangbang:

Remember: NEVER give your seed phrase to anyone for any reason. :bangbang:

Well yeah, thank you, but it is not solving my problem.

I see your transaction :grin:

Interesting, BSCScan is working for me well. I see my transactions. It is not that kind of problem. :wink:

and BSCScan token balance show: :poop: :question: :sweat_smile:

BSCScan show some Binance-Peg ( Busd-T) token

Try add contract address: 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955

Thanks, why give me another tokens, if I swaped to USDT, which is what bothers me? Any idea?