$$ value not showing

My new Kisha tokens are in my wallet no problem and the ether scan transaction shows the $$ value so that’s good. But no $$ value next to my tokens. Will this eventually fix itself?? If not will I be able to swap them over to ETH at a later date so I can withdraw to my exchange?

Me and 2 others I know have the same issue. Everything shows cash value except Kishu. I would like to know if anyone in MetaMask has Kishu that shows a cash value.

I also have the same issue. Can someone post if someone find the answer on how to fix it? Thanks!

Hi, I got a response from customer support regarding this.

We do not have $$ values for all tokens, it will not prevent you from swapping the tokens if there is liquidity for the pair you are trying to trade, nor from sending them away from your wallet.

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Support @ MetaMask :fox_face: |

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@Mrmarkv for your reference, thank you.