Was unable to post as a new member - fix it to stop wasting time of new members

The new reply button in feature requests section asked to open 5 topics, read 30 posts for 10 minutes, but it not worked. I had opened several threads for 48 hours and returned to it like 2 times to scroll through, reloaded with cache clearing the page, but nothing. Still unable to create topic.

After like 36 hours finally received message i got an e-mail that my trust level increased.

So stupid manager of the forum made me waste alot of time thanks to their erroneous system, instead they should fix the system and or use just hcaptcha.com instead of bothering people.

We are in the process of changing how trust levels are earned.
We recognize they can be a restrictive, and prevent some people from getting the help they need. But our users security must always be the first consideration we make. As Metamask is a very well known product, we have to assure scammers aren’t able to reach our users in forums we have control over. This needs to remain a safe place for our users to interact.

I can assure you we spend far more time dealing with scammers than we want to. I would be over the moon if I never had to help another web3 user that was harmed by scammers. It’s the only part of my role that I don’t absolutely love. It hurts for everyone involved. (I’ve lost sleep over people I’ve never met, and my inability to do more to help them)


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