We should know what Metamask is up to

Roughly speaking, People here do care about MetaMask to a certain extent (That’s why they are here).

I see recently MM team is promoting some kind of academy on web3 basics, But for what I’m asking is those are critical to MM itself (core product); e.g. UX, additional setting, safety, even those are technical issue

I think It’d be good to let us know which area you: 1.) focus as a top priority 2.) need users feedback the most 3.) are trying to horizontal/vertical scale 4.) 5.) …

So we, especially people here, can look to it right to the matter/issue

I know It has been an update from time to time about what MM team is up to, but by twitter design, info is scattered and It doesn’t clearly show on the main site too, https://metamask.io/ (my apology If there is already)

For me, example, I’m an active NFT trader, So I use MM every single day, comparatively, more frequent than a defi guy on certain functions (such as gas tweaking and reading etherscan). On the other hand, Defi guy probably can have a better suggestion about portfolio monitor & swap/bridge function

If each of us know about what i state above, That would help a lot more

Thanks for sharing @SPONGKY!

We are currently working on ways to better provide our community with roadmaps and release updates.

In the meantime, I would say the best way for now is to check out or GitHub repositories, especially our extension and mobile ones.


Oh, True, How can I forget about github repo :pray:

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