Web3 Browser Detection not work on mobile

I try only detection Web3 Browser and get account ID in Android and Desktop.
I use the examole hare.
I don’t use the detect-provider package.

I host the HTML page with SSL(only to prevent “err_cleartext_not_permitted”) not implement any backend code. Only host.

The code work on Desktop but not on Mobile app.
In Desktop I get the message: “Ethereum successfully detected”.
In Mobile I get the message: “Please install MetaMask!”, although i enter from MetaMask browser.

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<script type="text/javascript">
if (window.ethereum) {
} else {
  window.addEventListener('ethereum#initialized', handleEthereum, {
    once: true,

  // If the event is not dispatched by the end of the timeout,
  // the user probably doesn't have MetaMask installed.
  setTimeout(handleEthereum, 3000); // 3 seconds

function handleEthereum() {
  const { ethereum } = window;
  if (ethereum && ethereum.isMetaMask) {
    alert('Ethereum successfully detected!');
    // Access the decentralized web!
  } else {
    alert('Please install MetaMask!');

        <p>This is an example.</p>
screenshot: https://ibb.co/1vhYnt8

I change the domain.
I use host service and change the preview domain to my domain.

I don’t know why the preview domain make the problem.

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