What does "no quotes available" mean?

If you receive this message when attempting a swap, it is because there is not enough liquidity to execute the trade.

“Liquidity” meaning that there is not a market for people trying to trade the token pair you selected. There isn’t a match for your swap request on exchanges MetaMask Swaps uses.

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I have this message also when trying to SWAP some MOON TOKEN into BNB on metamask. So will i ever be able to cash in on my Moon Token then?

Swap availability is based on the liquidity that is available on the market. There is not a way to know when there may or may not be liquidity available. You can check back periodically.

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nah. It still gives the error when there is a healthy liquidity pool

But I have enough ethereum but still kishu currency is not exchanged! There is no amount in the balance !!