What's this messege about when trying to send from the MM-wallet?

Hi guys,
when inserting an address into the send mask in the MM-wallet,
i only recieve this weird messege ( s. image) .

TXN #6 - .07

And after that there’s no proceeding.
Anyone know what to do ?
Srry, the text is in german and translated it should
say something like :
"No Ethernetwork, set to smallcase-letters"

:thinking: :man_shrugging:

There are two versions of Ethereum addresses:
one that contains uppercase letters and one that does not :slightly_smiling_face:

Be careful :smile: man… the address must start with 0x

Simple tool for converting to Lowercase format: https://convertcase.net/


Ok thanks :+1: :slight_smile: .
But why would MM use Ethereum at all ?
Last time i checked the token-details of ADA
i saw bsc mainnet as platform .

Btw., why can’t i swap ADA to BNBbsc within MM ?
Do you have to use an external exchange like pancakeswap for that trade ?

Thanks and cheers :slight_smile:

Ah, i see,
well thanks :+1: :slight_smile:

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but for some reason i can’t proceed with a transaction from my MM-wallet
to an external adress because of this messege.
Even with all lower cased characters I can’t skip this messege to
commence any further actions like send or swap .
What do i need to do here ? :man_shrugging:
TXN #6 - .07 - all lower cased - .02

Btw, appearently its a Cardano network.


@WiFox you are dangerous :smile: fortunately the wallet can recognize an unsupported address…
You can’t send cardano from BSC network to Cardano network :slightly_smiling_face:

YES :smiley: if you want to sell cardano on bsc network :slightly_smiling_face: you can use PancakeSwap

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:+1: :pray: :smiling_face:


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