Ethereum Sent and confirmed from Binance to Matemask but not showing

Sent an ETH from Binance to MM in ETH Mainnet.
The transaction was confirmed on both sides. For a second when opened MM, it was showing the amount in MM as well. But I can not find it anymore. Was trying to swap, or use UNISWAP but it doesn’t appear as well. Never happened before and I’m still using the same MM account so not hacked.

Where does it get lost?
Thank you for your help


It is recommended that you search for your own eth address on the blockchain to check the balance.


I had newest version, but i did reinstall it and things did not change

I did check, the balance does not show right amount. But the transaction is confirmed.

In that case, you check Binance’s records to see if other chains were used to transfer eth.

Hi I Have similar problem, I have sent BNB from binance to MM wallet, I could not find the BNB in wallet but the transaction was successful in Bscscan. I sent to below mentioned address and transaction ID.
transaction ID"0x7ff36692ad058fd268905758f3d8796442fa6f905470eac7992e0e85746fde9c"
Please help me…

Is your bnb balance in your bnb wallet in mm 0? Note that it is not an eth wallet, but a bnb wallet.

I had the similar issue, that, i adding ETH token into my wallet but the sum in BNB are zero, what can i do to resolve the issue, pls help.

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search your wallet address on bscscan
if shows your bnb , then add bep20 chain to your mm.

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I did check it , but it was ETH Network

It is no 0, enough for transaction fees, but founds still missing. It has arrived into MM as I saw it once, but the amount disappears in a second and doesn’t show up.

Does a search of your wallet show a balance of 0? Are there records of transfers out and in for that transaction?

it also happened to me on uniswap and now my usdt is lying in a account and metamask cat help me


its very sad because for me its a lot of money

Sorry to hear this has happened.

Please refer to this post here: