Eth is not showing up in MM balances. Sent eth from binance on eth network to MM eth mainnet

I just sent ethereum from binance on ethereum network to my metamask wallet. It shows up under activity as being sucessfully received, but it isn’t showing up in the balances.

doesn’t look very legit

@superbellayeo It’s not legit :upside_down_face: don’t open that page

MetaMask wallet :fox_face: does not need any validation page…

Try this :point_down:

Thanks Luigi, will try this.

I also encountered this problem, I sent eth from huobipro to my metamask, Etherscan have shown a successful deal, but my metamask still have no eth

that happens to me too. already almost 24 hours waiting for the balance to be shown and still nothing

Has been shown on the etherscan trading success, but there is no eth in my MM wallet!