Metamask not showing any ETH, but Etherscan shows correct amount

my MM wallet shows 0 ETH which isn’t right as I should have about .6

@bharmon I saw another post where someone said ETH was not showing any activity and you asked them to check Etherscan so I did that.

I checked the Wallet on Etherscan and it shows the .6, but MM still shows 0

Not sure if it has anything to do with it but I somehow have two accounts on MM. Don’t know how as I feel confident I only created one. It caused issues when attempting to use MM to login elsewhere which is how I discovered the other account (which accurately has 0 ETH in it)


I have the exact same issue. Less ETH

were you able to resolve it? Help center is super slow here.

i jhave same issue, 1.2 eth , did u get an answer on this?

did u get an answer on this?

did u get any answer on this???

no, it is still in limbo. just sitting there in the Etherscan

ok, well any updates i get, ill let u know, its completely ridiculous

I seem to have the same issue… The etherscan is showing that I received from my wallet. However, my balance has yet to update.

Looking further into it, I see that ~10 mins later another transaction took place without my knowledge and sent it all out to another wallet… I downloaded the web extension from and then I proceeded to download the METAMASK from IOS app store. I suspect one of these is fake.

Address my coins were sent to without my knowledge: 0x0c378f530be6ae56c7445889d95135323848a966

What’s weird is that my web extension is showing the ETH being received and not being sent but my APP is showing it being received and then sent out.

Not addressed yet. @bharmon any help???

Sorry for the trouble with your balance. Please try the steps found here.

If you believe your wallet has been compromised in anyway, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be glad to assist with investigating.